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A Way Less Travelled

This collection features different ways of looking at the world around us, and the actions of people, trying to see everyday things in a different light.






A Way Less Travelled


Music is a river of life by Adrian Rogers









The Medecine Wheel by Adrian Rogers






A Way Less Travelled

This collection features different ways of looking at the world around us, and the actions of people, trying to see everyday things in a different light. Available from Ginninderra Press.




Music is a River of Life
Can you imagine a world without music? We shape sounds into words, yet sound itself gives us the means to escape the bondage of words. We try to convey the essence of beauty in its most intense and ineffable forms, even when we know that the most well chosen words cannot quite express the scope of our experience. In this collection, allowing for the inadequacies of language, I have been inspired by the music of twelve composers, from the Middle Ages to our own time. This is not to say that all the poems are about music, but that these composers, each of whom has made their mark on our culture, have inspired my attempts to express beauty, both in terms of nature and human creativity in many forms, while coming back in the end to their music as my primary source of inspiration.

Available from Ginninderra Press



The Medicine Wheel turns through each of the eight sections in this collection, with the poems gathered into each part touching on many subjects: nature poems running through the seasons, personality portraits, social concerns - such as the plight of refugees, the treatment of animals, and persecution leading one to consider the price of being true to one’s conscience. History is touched on in Part 5, with the Cathars, and the fall of Montsegur remembered, but through it all one gets a sense that the Wheel is turning, through good and ill. The final turn comes at the very end, with Rembrandt - in his painting of the two companions who, with Christ at Emmaus, sit down for a meal at the end of the day - finding perhaps ‘the truth within the symbol’, leading one to ask, did the painter indeed find the real good medicine, what ‘he had been seeking / all his days’?

.Available from Ginninderra Pres

Over the qave break by Adrian Rogers


Over the Wave Break

Poetry Collection featuring 91 Poems in the form of short messages to an unnamed friend; interspersed are nature poems, fleeting visions, reflections on illusion and reality, on Christmas, capitalism, reconciliation, Australia Day, and some autobiographical recollections.Coming in Print soon


Over The Wave Break



the Sun behind the Sun by Adrian Rogers

The Sun Behind the Sun covers a great diversity of subjects, moods, and scenes, with four distinct threads interweaving their way through the collection. Journeys, the nature of time, the four seasons, and that question with so many possible answers: what is real, and what is illusory? As for the collection's title, read the last poem, decode it, and you'll have an answer.
'This book is one that all lovers of good poetry should add to their libraries. It will become dog-eared from the pleasure of constant reading and re-reading.' - Beyond the Rainbow
‘…a book to be enjoyed for its own sake, its quality of fine, delicately balanced verses, and the line-by-line artistry of words and rhythms… All of these poems dip into reality and turn it to beautiful music. Only a talented poet can do that.’ - The Write Angle

Available from Ginninderra Press

Seasons, Situations and Symbols is a little chap book of 17 poems. It is one of a series of pocket books by different poets published by Ginninderra Press. Adrian Rogers calls it… "Contemporary Australian poetry in small doses at a low price, for those who want to sample modern writing without spending too much money.

Available from Ginninderra Press

Between 2 hemispheres by Adrian Rogers 

Between Two Hemispheres

Migration has played a large part in Australia’s history and culture since 1788, and in this collection Adrian Rogers reflects on the migrant experience, evoking the northern hemisphere through his knowledge of Ireland and setting it against the reality of modern Australia, thereby highlighting and reconciling both the differences and similarities between the two hemispheres. 

Available from Ginninderra Press

The Prisoner's Messenger

These poems are presented as entries in a prisoner’s diary - one who is, by implication a prisoner of conscience. These entries, preceded by a brief prelude hinting at recurring themes, represent his thoughts and memories. He does not focus all the time on the daily realities of imprisonment - how could he, and remain still sane? He looks back in time, remembering people and places, all the while visited - indeed, illuminated - by a white dove, whose presence represents to him peace, love, freedom, enlightenment and, above all, in her coming and going, hope. But when the dove makes her final return, looking through the window bars she sees an empty cell. He has been released, love has triumphed. But has release been achieved because a government willed it, or by his passing beyond this mortal life? Let the reader decide.
'…as exciting, intriguing and enjoyable as his previous books.' -

Available from Ginninderra Press



 Fire in the Wasteland bt Adrian Rogers                                        Fire in the Wasteland, an historical fantasy in which a 13th Century Cathar from Southern France, and a suburban writer from the modern era encounter each other through the mechanism of reincarnation. As a result of their journeys through time, both in literal and symbolic senses, battles both real and psychological ensue, as the characters move towards resolving a past of persecution and terror and accepting the future. Yet there must first be a return to Montsegur, scene of the Cathars last stand against authority, and an interaction with the world of the Grail, without which the Wasteland can never be healed.

Available from Mountain Mist Productions.

The Gates of Sunset by Adrian Rogers

The Gates of Sunset

"All the elements were perfect, just what I wanted to see. It was as if Adrian had read my mind and written the novel I would have loved to, but never had time to write. I really enjoyed reading it." Review of The Gates of Sunset by David-John Tyrer - Redsine magazine.

What have 'The Three Fates', spinning destinies in a lifeless world between worlds got to do with a reckless eighteen year old driving his first car, or his studious girlfriend? Very little, one might think, yet because of them, Sean and Melissa find themselves caught up in an alternative reality less than twenty kilometers from their homes.In 'The Gates of Sunset', the struggle between good and evil is portrayed in straightforward language as a story of love, war, self-discovery, the opposition of virtue and vice, and an overarching mystery.It is the story of two young South Australians stepping out of their own small realities, being matured in the process, coming to know themselves better, and finding new purpose in their lives. Guided by the mysterious 'Archer', whose name they never learn, and a host of lesser characters they learn to accept the unimaginable and triumph, but at a cost….. 

vailable from
Mountain Mist Productions 


The Hidden Kingdom

The story begins - Book One

Merlin, born in the last years of Atlantis, as the empire slides inexorably towards decay and destruction is surrounded by a mystery. Found as an abandoned child on the slopes of the Mountain of Fire by Belasius, Grand Master of the Astari, an esoteric order charged with guiding the evolution of humanity, he is raised by the Order, and initiated at the age of eighteen. But on his first secret mission as an initiate he risks compromising them by falling in love with a daughter of the Emperor. Torn between his sworn obligation to the Order, and a desperate love for the daughter of a doomed dynasty, Merlin risks all to save her without betraying his calling. But as the lovers attempt to escape the breakup of the island, will they reach the last ship? Belasius and the Order have taken great risks to save them, but even if they do reach the last ship, will it be able to escape the tidal waves that will finally drown Atlantis?

Available from Lulu and from Double-Dragon.



The Hidden Kingdom
The story continues - Book

Three manage to escape on the last ship, as the disintegrating islands of Atlantis start to sink. Almost overwhelmed, they must somehow survive to reach the open waters of the Great Ocean. A heartbroken Merlin is surprised as they voyage to a new beginning... in Avalon.  

Available from Lulu and Double-Dragon.


The Hidden Kingdom 

The adventure continues - Book Three:

Merlin, laid to rest in dark-age Britain in his Crystal Cave has awoken in fulfillment of a prophecy, as Pisces moves into Aquarius and the 2012 Galactic Alignment is less than four years away. Has he returned in time to prevent the end of history in perpetual enslavement for humanity, or is it already too late? If there is to be a future Merlin must travel to Hyperborea at the highest of all world levels, there to be prepared for his return to Earth as the Ogmios, prophet of the coming age, who alone can lead humanity beyond the Dark Rift at the Galactic Centre to a new dawn.

His one time pupil Finn with his beloved wife Elen, both of whom once travelled from the past into the present are summoned to his side again, to journey with him through seven world levels to Hyperborea, where the stronghold and sanctuary of the enlightened Astari of Numenor is already under direct threat. But their ancient nemesis from Atlantis, the False Prophet has also returned, deceiving the peoples, endeavouring the turn them from light to darkness, as the climax of the ages unfolds.

Available from Lulu and from Double-Dragon.

"Not a great lover of fantasy I was nonetheless enchanted by this book. It tells a compelling story in the most beautiful of language, using words that often sent me running to the dictionary (I am always intrigued by new words). Set in the last days of Atlantis, the story is told in two voices - one the narrator and the other the young Merlin, at first through his thoughts and later through his written memoirs, these always shown in italics. This is a clever ploy but somewhat defeats the purpose of suspense as we always  know that Merlin must escape the dangers to be able to write his memoirs. I often skip over long paragraphs of description but the ones in this book are so picturesque that they kept me reading every word. I could so easily visualize every scene described. I'll be watching for book Number Two." Review of Atlantis - Book One in the Hidden Kingdom Trilogy by Tomaso Lonsdale


The Secret Chronicle of Oisin by Adrian Rogers

Secret Chronicle of Oisin

Irish hero Oisin travels to the Land of Youth with Princess Naomh to enjoy its pleasures, but after three years revisits home to find that three hundred years have passed in Erin Shocked, he ignores a warning not to leave the magical chariot conveying him, as a result of which it disappears leaving him trapped. But is there a hidden agenda at work" Why is he sent to Hyperborea. searching for a weapon against Death' What is Death doing in the Land of Youth" This Chronicle raises questions provides answers taking Oisin through danger, sacrifice and transformation, half revealing a secret as the lovers challenge Death in a tale uniting myth with fantasy.


"Lovers of dark fantasy will love this book. The author has written it in a style that entertains through the richness of its language and thought provoking concepts. It is a book that can be read from two different perspectives. Strictly as an action epic in a fantasy environment, or as a deeper reading experience where one's intellect needs to reflect on hidden meanings. If the reader is prepared to take the time and think about what is presented to them, they will get immense pleasure from the reading." Warren Thurston

Available from Double-Dragon  and Lulu.

Bridge to Ressurrection by Adrian Rogers

Bridge to Ressurrection

Set in an alternative world the king of an impoverished kingdom is murdered by agents of a predatory neighbor because he will not betray a secret which his enemy desires above all. But because his murder fails to produce the desired result an invasion is planned and implemented. The king’s untimely death prevents his successor from being acknowledged. But help is forthcoming from two high degree initiates who succeed in locating the dead king’s spirit and guiding it to the place of judgment in the constellation of Orion.

Available from Double-Dragon.

Time Tunnel and the Grail by Adrian Rogers

Time Tunnel and the Grail

John Finniss is an Australian schoolteacher, trapped in a career no longer fulfilling and undergoing a mid-life crisis. But childhood dreams about life in the sixth century come back to haunt him, and then a dark tunnel manifests in real time, a direct way into the past, challenging him to follow it back into that dark age century and, at the court of King Arthur to find the true destiny he has sought for so long. This is a story that encompasses modern Australia, sixth century Ireland and Britain, the Grail tradition and the Garden of Paradise. In a review Warren Thurston wrote, “Adrian Rogers has created a wonderful fantasy full of powerful images, brought to life by a language full of richness.”

Available from Double-Dragon.

Between the sea and the desert by Adrian Rogerss

Between the Sea and the Desert


Available from  Ginninderra Press





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