Adrian Rogers
Adrian Rogers is a prolific Author and Poet and in his spare time he is a private Music Teacher. Widely published, Adrian's many interests attest to his industry and flexibility as a Writer. You are invited to experience the works of Adrian Rogers through this Website.

Born in the United Kingdom and trained as a Music Teacher in Ireland, Adrian has taught Music in Ireland, Scotland, England, Australia and Papua New Guinea. After emigrating to Australia in 1985 he became an Australian citizen in 1989 and now happily resides in South Australia.

Adrian has contributed contributed Poetry to Australian literary magazines - Tamba, Centoria, Core, Red Lamp, and Sidewalk, to anthologies such as No Strings Attached published by the Eremos Foundation, Moving Out, Moving On by the Centoria Press, and The Colonial Athens - a Centenary of Federation project published by the Bunyip Press.

A new Collection, entitled The Sun behind the Sun has been released by G
inninderra Press and a previous e-publication of Over the Wave Break will shortly be released in print by Mountain Mist Productions. In addition, Adrian has contributed to two Indo/Australian Anthologies, published by Authors Press, one of poetry and one of short stories.

Adrian is available for interviews and public appearances and he would be happy to hear from you. He has had had short stories published in Winedark Sea, Shortz, and read on Radio 5UV Adelaide, where he has has featured as a guest Poet.

Adrian has consistently won several awards and commendations for his work. His novels in particular have been garnering attention and his prowess in the areas of speculative fiction and fantasy is widely acknowledged.

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